I pride myself on making people happy with their recordings. Here's what they had to say:

CHRIS CoTTinghaM - Owner Indigital Studios

"Jason presently oversees 100% of the output of Indigital Studios."

As Chief Engineer and Producer at Indigital Studios, Jason built and maintains all recording systems and is available for music production services.

Audrey Tinline, BBC: World Service

As 1st Engineer

Radio interview with Guy Standing: Audio link-ups with New York and London 2-7-17

"It all went smoothly thanks to Jason being so well organised and hospitable"

Justin Cosgrove: Record Producer

As 1st Engineer

Recording South Bay Dub Allstars 3-6-16

"We had a lot of fun and the raw tracks came out nice and full and really pleasing to the ear. Really happy about that. They will be a breeze to mix which saves my ass a lot of work."

Two Ton Creativity: Audio for video

As Sound Mixer/Boom Op

"Thanks for the great work. We're working on the rough cut

now and so far everything sounds great.

Will definitely hit you up next time we have something in the Bay Area. I hope that's sooner then later."

Metastyle films: Audio for video

As Sound Mixer/Boom Op

It was a blast! Thanks Jason!

Darby Donovan: Music production

Vini Demon : Music Production

Founding member of Vini and the Demons

"I first worked with Jason Hatfield in the spring of 1999,

My band, Vini and the Demons, was the first live band he ever recorded and he did one hell of a job. It was no easy task. We could be extremely loud and raunchy at times but his recording manages to capture each instrument clearly. People still remark to this day how great it sounds, on tape as well as on digital transfer.

I wish him well ... He has my full support, as a friend and as a colleague."

Steve Giacomelli

Songwriter - Multi Instrumentalist - Session bad ass

"He makes the best goddamn bloody mary's I've ever had in my life."