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CONGRATS TO DARby Donovan on her itunes release! See it here I was proud to produce and mix this ep in 2014. 

I record music. I mix music. I record and publish podcasts. I work on Development and Pre-production for video projects.

My favorite place to record and mix is Gadgetbox Studios. I love operating Pro Tools HD 9, 10, 11, Universal Audio hardware and UAD plug-ins. Also Melodyne, AutoTune, Waves, Sound Toys, AVID & FabFilter plugins. 

 "making an album with a songwriter to meet their vision, the way they hear it in their head is the ULTIMATE for me.  When we get there together it's magic. That's why i do this everyday, year after year."  

I studied film and audio production at Columbia College of Fine Arts Chicago. I have worked over 5 years in the industry. At Gadgetbox Studios I am currently doing storyboards, scripts, production management and audio engineering. I have Produced several audio projects, Engineered Dozens more,  Directed and Assistant Directed videos for musicians, businesses and the County of Santa Cruz.

I also freelance as a Creative Consultant. Meaning I can advise your business on the cost and scope of media production.

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I am currently working with several artists as a Producer and Mix Engineer and helping out anyway I can at Gadgetbox Studios. To learn why I'm so passionate about music, read my bio.

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"Modern Recording Artists need video as much as audio. I want to use the tools of media production to heighten the experience in a way that supports the song and the song writer's message."  

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