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I produce and mix music. My favorite place to record is Gadgetbox Studios. I am proud to be apart of their crew. I love operating Pro Tools 11 HD, Universal Audio hardware and UAD plug-ins. 

 "My favorite thing in the world is to go on the journey of making a real record with the artist responsible."  

I work professionally in pre-production for music and video. I studied film and audio production at Columbia College of Fine Arts Chicago. At Gadgetbox Studios I am currently working in video production doing storyboards, scripts, story outlines, script punch up, shooting scripts and shot lists. I have also Directed and Assistant Directed videos for musicians, businesses and the County of Santa Cruz.

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I am currently working with several artists as a Producer and Mix Engineer and helping out anyway I can at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz's beautiful Westside. But my first step into the world of recording music happened a long, long time ago, in a town far, far away... from Santa Cruz.

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"When it comes to Recording Artists who need high quality content for the web, they need music and video... but most importantly, they need tools to express themselves and creative control." 

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