My Philosophy


The magic of recorded music is people playing together. When some producers snap to grid, I lean towards letting the music have its say when tempo picks up or slows down. Thats why I work in production studios that let me run a large number of mics while maintaining sonic isolation and high fidelity.

Analog or digital?

Both. I study why things sound the way they do. Nostalgia is real, it's power is potent. When we use the gear our heroes did we reach for the sounds that first inspired us. That being said, I also appreciate new technology. I find a balance between the sonic quality of classic gear with the power and agility of modern techniques. 

My History


Born in Nashville, grew up in Gainesville


Gainesville, FL has a vibrant live music scene. There was always stuff going on. Around 15 years old I started working at a music venue called Common Grounds.

I was always very motivated to work. I grew up pretty poor. The first job I got was bussing tables and working the door at a music venue called Common Grounds. After working the door I started working live sound, I was given an opportunity to learn and hone my craft. Almost immediately the doors of another world opened to me. I still feel like the recordings I do now are trying to get back to that the electricity of a great live show.

For the next few years I worked for Common Grounds, concert promoters and club owners doing stage and band gear set up. On rare occasions I'd get to work for astounding artists like Bo Diddley, Burning Spear and Snoop Dog. 

Common Grounds, Gainesville

Common Grounds, Gainesville

My life changed when in the year 2000. I took my first class in the recording software Pro Tools at a local community college. I had been recording to tape before and I was astounded at the cleanliness and detail of digital recording. The lack of tape hiss made my jaw drop.  Pro Tools is now the industry standard in digital audio recording and editing. Sound engineering and manipulation became an uncontrollable fascination of mine.

Chicago and Education

Chess Records, Chicago

Chess Records, Chicago

By 18 I was asked to move to Chicago and work for Vini and the Demons, a traditional blues band. At the time they were managed by Sherli Dixon, the daughter of Willie Dixon (a legendary songwriter and producer at Chess Records). This was my first glimpse into a world famous music scene. We were even invited to play at Chess Records several times.

Understanding that music was my passion, I enrolled in Columbia College of Fine Arts and began to study audio production.


New York CITY

Over the next 4 years I worked whatever job I could find and played in bands in Chicago. In 2007 I married the love of my life and we moved to New York City. It was there that I worked in a professional studio for the first time. The art and science of recording music on a professional level was still new to me. Everyone at the Kennel Recording Studios taught me so much. If you are every there I highly recommend stopping by and checking them out.

These experiences tempered my love and knowledge of music production. I learned what it takes to get things done.


After years living and working in Manhattan, my wife and I left the hustle of the city to begin a family. California was our first choice. I first moved to Lakeport, a rural spot on a beautiful lake north of Napa Vally. While we were enjoying the peace and pace of life there, I saw an opportunity to start a recording studio. In an old redwood warehouse at a winery I build a studio from the ground up. For two years I pieced together a place to record that I could share with the community. 

Santa Cruz

Cool People, amazing music culture and proudly weird -my kinda town. Shortly after arriving in Santa Cruz I met Patrick Brede and the great people at Gadgetbox Studios. Patrick and I went on to make several records there that I am still very proud of. I learned so much in the 3 years I was there. Unfortunately they are no longer in business but I wish them all well. Now I am Sr. Engineer and Production Manager at Indigital Studios. 

I have ongoing relationships with serveral recording studios in the Bay Area, each with their own special advantages so whatever you're trying to do we can find the right spot to do it in.

Also, Hatfield Digital has a little mix studio in the artsy Tannery District in Santa Cruz. A comfy, cheap place to mix and master. 

Email me! Lets talk about your project.