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I like:

  • Working with songwriters.
  • Very good microphones.
  • Exceptional drum and guitar sounds. 
  • Maintaining relationships with well stocked studios.
  • Analog and software synthesis.
  • Working with songwriters.



I utilize several production philosophies. Depending on the project I pride myself on giving the artist what they need. From being totally hands on all the way to an Albini-esc approach where I try not to involve myself in the musical decisions at all. I know hundreds of tested work flows and recording techniques. Also, I believe the cornerstone of respectable business practices is streching the production budget to achieve goals which the artist didn't think were possible.

When I produce a record I try to give the artist what they need, whatever that may be -all while stretching a budget. I love collaborating, but I empathize with the artist who wants to take the reins on projects. 


My mix style is heavy in vintage sounds with modern sensibilities about the capabilities of digital recording, low noise floors, sweet detailed highs and soft fuzzy goodness.


I am Chief Engineer and Mastering Engineer at Indigital Studios. To learn more about mastering please read this great explanation from Chicago Mastering Service here.


My mobile recording set up provides musicians with classic studio sounds like epic reverbs, Neve, SSL and API console sounds in your ears while we track in your space.

Rates start at $400 for a 10 hour day. This includes all recording equipment like mics, pre-amps, monitors, quality converters, real-time DSP effects, Pro Tools and loads of other hardware and software essential to music production. Plus a professional engineer.


I have been working with AVID based systems like Media Composer and Pro Tools professionally for 10 plus years. I can interface with other video editing systems as well to take your sound mixing and design to the next level. Need repairing of bad audio or ADR? We got you.


As a working audio professional I am uniquely qualified to advise you on your project or professional grade studio build. I will walk you through every step and provide a customized budget built to fit your needs. I know contractors, professional room tuners and equipment manufacturers to ensure the best sound possible out of your space. For complete walkthrough rates start at 5% of total budget but day rates can also be a possibility.


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